Fletcher Allen Partners 2012 Accomplishments

As we mark the completion of our first year of affiliation under Fletcher Allen Partners, we are excited to share the many accomplishments Fletcher Allen and Central Vermont Medical Center have achieved during this time.

Our organizations have made great progress in improving quality of care systems and practices, and have saved more than $1 million over the past year. This partnership is a key step in developing an integrated delivery system – a critical component of health care reform for our region.


  • Fletcher Allen and CVMC are working to function as a single financial entity to support a fully functional system of care and strategic goals of the system.
  • Both organizations have consolidated financial statements that can be used for reporting purposes, including submitting a consolidated budget to the Green Mountain Care Board.
  • Both organizations are using a common auditing firm and liability insurance carrier, and CVMC is purchasing financial management services from Fletcher Allen.

Clinical Quality:

  • Fletcher Allen’s Jeffords Institute for Quality now serves both organizations.  Fletcher Allen and CVMC are improving the quality of care and clinical outcomes by establishing best practice guidelines to be shared by both organizations.
  • Fletcher Allen and CVMC are creating appropriate admission guidelines to the Intensive Care Units at CVMC and Fletcher Allen by establishing admission criteria and providing training to CVMC hospitalists.
  • Last summer, for the first time, Fletcher Allen transferred a patient to CVMC when Fletcher Allen near capacity. The patient, who was in the Fletcher Allen ED, did not need tertiary care and was able to be closer to home by being treated in the inpatient care unit at CVMC.  Through the affiliation, Fletcher Allen was able to utilize its beds appropriately and free up patient beds at Fletcher Allen by transferring the patient to CVMC.
  • CVMC hospitalists are being trained for central-line insertion using Fletcher Allen’s Simulation Lab. Fletcher Allen has implemented systematic efforts to eradicate central line-associated bloodstream infections with positive results. Fletcher Allen and CVMC physicians are also participating in joint ICU rounds using telemedicine.
  • CVMC is establishing an access portal to Fletcher Allen’s Intranet so that CVMC hospitalists can access medical ICU protocols and articles.
  • Stroke protocols are now in place at CVMC, and Fletcher Allen is providing 24/7 neurology consult advice to CVMC. A stroke care gap analysis study has been completed for the JCAHO stroke certification, and a survey will take place in October 2014.
  • Fletcher Allen and CVMC worked together to lobby the Vermont Legislature to build a new state psychiatric hospital near the CVMC campus and to increase the number of beds from 14 to 25.

Human Resources:

  • Fletcher Allen and CVMC are pursuing human resource strategies to maximize shared knowledge and resources and reduce costs for management training and other employee activities.
  • CVMC has joined Fletcher Allen’s short term disability plan, which has led to a savings of $131,000.
  • Fletcher Allen’s Office of Organizational Development has helped to establish a joint CVMC and Fletcher Allen Manager Bootcamp educational series that previously had been provided by Vermont Technical College. Instruction and support by Fletcher Allen and CVMC has provided a savings of $7,000.
  • CVMC and Fletcher Allen have co-instructed a performance review class and Fletcher Allen provided support on conflict resolution for a total estimated savings of $12,000.

Supply Chain:

  • In year one of Fletcher Allen’s affiliation with CVMC, the organizations saved more than $1 million dollars through a coordinated supply chain approach to purchasing pharmaceuticals, orthopedic implants and other medical supplies. 
  • For example, as part of that $1 million savings, the Fletcher Allen Partners’ contract with Stryker Ortho Implant has created an annualized savings of $400,000 for Fletcher Allen and $100,000 for CVMC.


  • Fletcher Allen and CVMC are working to establish a common platform for electronic health records to support patients and providers and to facilitate the aggregation of data for population health management.