Facilities and Operations Environmental Initiatives

As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, Fletcher Allen looks for opportunities to introduce green practices, such as using environmentally safe cleaning products and following national guidelines for energy efficient construction. Our green commitment has also led to changes in our purchasing and transportation options. Here are a few of our facilities & operations environmental initiatives:

Green Construction at Fletcher Allen

Fletcher Allen is committed to following rigid national guidelines for environmentally friendly construction.  The Master Facilities plan calls for meeting LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for all projects.  This requires us to focus on five key areas of human and environmental health:

  • sustainable site development
  • water savings
  • energy efficiency
  • materials selection
  • indoor environmental quality

Our new 23,000 square foot radiation oncology facility has been awarded a Gold LEED certification in 2010 for many green design elements including a green roof, natural lighting, and use of efficient HVAC and water systems. The green roof features an herb and vegetable garden that supplies food for our patients and visitors. Read more about the radiation oncology facility here.


Green Cleaning Practices at Fletcher Allen

In every possible case, Fletcher Allen uses environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Over the last five years we have systematically replaced non-green materials and worked to reduce the total number of products in use. This change has been driven by an increase in patient and visitor sensitivity to airborne chemical compounds, and by our commitment to green health care.

Using products that clean multiple surfaces at different concentrations has allowed us to reduce the number of cleaners and provided opportunities to clean more efficiently.  Key benefits include improved air quality and reduced packaging.

Meet Fletcher Allen employee Cristal VeStrand in a Q & A about her career in Environmental Services.

Fletcher Allen's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Fletcher Allen has instituted Environmentally Preferable Purchasing which looks "upstream" at products before they are bought to assess environmental impact. Considerations include:

  • is the product hazardous or will it generate a hazardous waste when used;
  • does the product contain banned internal mercury products;
  • what types of packaging are used and will we have to pay to dispose of it;
  • is there an alternative product that can be re-used instead of purchasing  a single use item.

This approach has saved time and money, and contributed to the reduction of our waste stream. 

Transportation and Commuting at Fletcher Allen

Fletcher Allen's green commitment has lead to changes in how we handle cars and parking.  Several local and national organizations have given us awards for limiting onsite parking, encouraging carpooling, and providing incentives for use of public transit.  We're proud to have been named a "Best Work Place for Commuters" by the Environmental Protection Agency as an organization that meets national standards of excellence for outstanding commuter benefits.

Our collaboration with the Campus Area Transportation Management Association has produced steady progress on these issues, and we continue to find ways to make "green" transportation options available to our 7,000 employees.