Nursing Internships

Nursing Internships at Fletcher Allen

In addition to the Graduate Nurse orientation, Fletcher Allen offers nursing internships that allow experienced nurses to explore new opportunities and potential career paths.  These internships are very intensive, involving both classroom and clinical time.

The following internships are currently available at Fletcher Allen:

  • Perioperative 101 (OR)
  • Critical Care
  • Emergency Department
  • A Renal internship is expected to be added in 2014.  

Here are details on the currently-available internships:

AORN’s Periop 101: A Core Curriculum

AORN's Periop 101 is a nursing education course developed by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN). The purpose of this course is to prepare the registered nurse for entry level practice in perioperative nursing, with a focus on intraoperative care.

The course consists of 26 online, web-based learning modules, including a didactic portion along with preceptored clinical experience.  Emphasis is placed on performing those functions directly related to scrubbing and circulating in the operating room.  A rotation through the nine major services -- ENT/Dental, Plastics/Eyes, General, GYN, GU, daVinci Robotics, CVT, Neuro and Ortho -- occurs during this 6-month internship.  Upon successful completion of the course, each end user/intern receives a certificate of completion from AORN and CEUs.

Critical Care Nurse Internship Program

Our 20-week internship program is designed to provide new nurses with a basic critical care nursing knowledge base, allowing them to demonstrate a professional aptitude and the ability to safely implement and organize patient care in the critical care setting.  Interns learn concepts in critical care nursing as they apply to the entry-level critical care practitioners in a core theory course.  Direct patient care experiences under the direct supervision of a RN preceptor provide nurse interns with opportunities to apply core theory and acquire the skills necessary skills to implement competent, direct care.  Units involved in our Critical Care Internship Program are:

  • Cardiology
  • Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery
  • Medical ICU
  • Surgical ICU

Emergency Department Nurse Internship Program

This 20-week internship program is designed to provide new nurses with the knowledge and skills they need to work as an entry-level emergency nurse. Before the internship program begins, the nurses take part in a six-week transition experience that provides an opportunity for  new graduates to follow a defined pathway integrating skills, concepts and competencies essential for nursing practice at Fletcher Allen. Classroom time and direct patient care experience also play a large role in this program.

“Despite how many years of nursing you have under your belt, working as an Emergency Department RN is a whole new ballgame. Nothing can prepare you for what you’ll possibly see in the ED except, of course, being there. That’s why the internship was something I wanted to be a part of. I wouldn’t be the nurse I am today without the internship.” Kelly Langston, RN, Staff Nurse II

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