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Colchester Family Practice 

Team Approach Key to Success at Colchester Family Practice

Colchester Family Practice is a bustling Fletcher Allen primary care practice tucked away amid houses and local businesses on Blakely Road.

Inside, staff at all levels – Clinical Care Associates (CCAs), LPNs, RNs, PAs and physicians –work together in a new model of care based on teamwork, communication and collaboration, putting patients at the center of the care experience. 

Communication is a cornerstone of this approach.  Every morning, the physicians gather with their team - an LPN, CCA, RN and PA - to review the patients for the day.   For Lindsey Barcomb, a new LPN who recently graduated from Vermont Technical College, the “team huddle” is the

Colchester Family Practice team
L to r: Julie Ann Bergeron, LPN; Meagan Bigelow, CCA; and Lindsey Barcomb, LPN
key to a successful day:  “Our communication skills have to be excellent, every day.  Everyone is contributing to what we can do for our patients.”  Says  Julie Ann Bergeron, who’s been an LPN at Colchester Family Practice for 17 years, “Team huddles have also  helped us give better information to our patients about what to expect during their visits. Many of my patients have commented on how efficiently things run here.”

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In the new model of care, the roles of the LPNs and CCAs have changed.   While LPNs and CCAs share some responsibilities, such as preparing patients for their procedures and blood work,  LPNs now have taken on immunizations.   In addition, LPNs are helping to educate patients about how to better manage their conditions.

By delineating and strengthening roles on the health care team, the new model of care makes it easier for physicians to spend more one-on-one time with patients, says Lindsey.   “It’s very rewarding to do what we do, to interact with patients and prepare them – and to know that we are supporting the physicians at the same time.” 

CCA Meagan Bigelow has also noticed the change in routine since the new model was introduced.  “I think, as a team, we can anticipate better what the day will hold, and this means that we can spend more time getting to know our patients, helping them feel comfortable.”  

Every person on the health care team has a favorite part of their job.   For Lindsey, it’s the team itself.  “Everyone’s very caring, and, as a new employee, they make me feel that there’s no question I can’t ask.”   

Julie Ann Bergeron  says her patients have become like family over the years.   She is excited about being able to help educate patients about how to stay healthy.

“I really enjoy being able to help people with their everyday problems, their stresses, their health issues,” she says, “because that’s what we’re all here for -  to help people be healthy.”